Solstice Blessings

Happy Solstice Blessings!

I read somewhere this week about how Solstice feels like a birth ~ as we are supported and move through the darkness, we stand on the threshold where dark meets light … letting our eyes get accustomed to this new world, and of seeing things in a new way.

Does light always mean “good” or “right”?  No.  Just as dark does not always mean “bad” or “evil”.  We need both in order to move through this world, and to balance each other.  We come into ourselves in the darkness, and we shine the light on certain aspects within ourselves and our life to see them more clearly.

So on this bright day and long night of winter solstice, as our eyes accustom to the light, do not turn your back on the darkness… sit with it… welcome both light and dark as old friends, dance with them, and let them both share their gifts with you.