This week…


Emotions are high and raw right now… which is understandable and natural. We really have no idea what each person is going through, except that we all are experiencing a collective trauma response. Every feeling that surfaces – sadness, anger, fear, blame, guilt – is ok. This is big. We were already in the midst of a trauma and experiencing loss of freedom, then thrown into this.

We do not know what happened over the weekend… and it is understandable to want someone to take responsibility (in regards to an alert). I don’t have Twitter, there are days lately where I do not check my email or facebook until later in the day… a million “what ifs” float through my mind and I’m sure through the minds of most people these days. But what I do know about is trauma and grief… grief is one of the loneliest feelings to experience. Imagine going through a fast- paced crisis that rocks a province then not even having time to process but having to go to work, to the scene of your grief and trauma, while you try to find answers so that the families and province can heal.

So tap into your heart, we are all grieving and healing… the answers will come when they come… but for now let’s just hold onto each other in whatever way we can ♡