About You

  • You are looking for a doctor who takes the time to listen to your health concerns
  • You wish to live a healthier lifestyle
  • You believe in the healing wisdom of your body
  • You want to treat the causes of your symptoms, not just relieve them
  • You want to be treated as a whole person – a physical, emotional, and spiritual being
  • You are overwhelmed by information online and in the health food stores and would like professional guidance
  • You would like to take an active role in your health
  • You have digestive concerns, and feel you may be sensitive to certain foods or something is not right and want better digestion
  • You are on thyroid medication but still feel tired
  • You experience symptoms of hormonal imbalance (menstrual cramps, PMS, heavy menstrual flow, irregular menstrual cycles) and want relief without prescription medication
  • You would like to learn about fertility awareness – a natural approach to contraception
  • You are looking for support with improving your fertility and throughout your pregnancy
  • You are experiencing symptoms as you transition through menopause and would like some support
  • You experience anxiety or depression but do not want to take prescription medication and want to feel better emotionally
  • You want to have a good night’s sleep without medication
  • You want to have more energy so you can enjoy life
  • You feel you cannot cope with the stresses of life like you used to
  • You want to make time for self-care and personal growth and would like someone to guide and support you during this transformation

If this sounds like you, then I am here to help. I am here to support and empower you on your healing journey. I am passionate about women’s hormonal, reproductive, emotional, and spiritual health, and help women to reconnect to themselves.